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Cobalt Boats, Neodesha

A Cobalt 230 boat from the 20-25 foot long collection. Photo courtesy Cobalt Boats.

A Cobalt 302 boat from the 26-30 foot long collection. Photo courtesy Cobalt Boats.

Interior view of the Cobalt 230. Photo courtesy Cobalt Boats.

Interior view of the Cobalt 302. Photo courtesy Cobalt Boats.

A Cobalt Boat employee bending tubes used in Cobalt Boats. Photo courtesy Cobalt Boats.

Painting interior of a boat at the Cobalt Boat plant. Photo courtesy Jackie Witherspoon.

Working on a Cobalt boat. Photo courtesy Jackie Witherspoon.

Address: 1715 N. 8th Street Neodesha, KS 66757 [map this location]
Phone: 620.325.2653
Website: www.cobaltboats.com

Cobalt Boats is a finalist for the 8 Wonders of Kansas Commerce because it is a leading manufacturer of luxury power boats with world-class marine design and manufacturing capabilities.

It's a leading family-owned manufacturer in land-locked Neodesha! Founder Pack St. Clair credits the work ethnic, attention to detail, hand craftsmanship, and relentless pursuit of quality.

In 1968, Pack St. Clair came home to southeastern Kansas to build runabouts. Cobalt has now evolved into a company producing the best boats in its class. Since its beginning, Cobalt has established a pattern of in-house construction on all levels that allows us the total control of quality from within. Where some boat manufacturers are content to be boat assemblers, Cobalt crafts virtually the entire boat: from metalwork to upholstery, from electrical systems to canvas tops.
Today Cobalt manufactures a line of bowrider, cuddies and cruisers ranging from 20 to 46 feet, all in land-locked southeast Kansas. Manufacturing operations are spread amongst 16 buildings in Neodesha and one in Independence, totaling 387,000 sq. ft. Together this complex of facilities combines world-class marine design and manufacturing capability with the proven small town southeast Kansas ethics of associates representing 30 communities.
Cobalt's sales force has grown to true world class status with approximately 120 carefully selected dealerships in the United States, Canada, and internationally which include dealerships in Australia, South America, Asia, the Middle East, and throughout Europe.

Cobalt remains privately owned, a second generation of St. Clair family members leading the company in ongoing pursuit of Chairman Pack St. Clair's founding principles.

In perhaps the most telling indication of the company's success in that endeavor, Cobalt has ranked highest in customer satisfaction in every year of the J.D. Power and Associates Marine Survey.

Source: www.cobaltboats.com

Cobalt welcomes groups for plant tours and does not offer a specific schedule. If you are interested in visiting us, contact us at 800.468.5764.