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Retail store order information

To order retail, you must have a sales tax number as you'll be required to send in sales tax for the purchase of these books.

To place an order, go to this retail order form.  See details below.
  • Retailers receive a 60% discount from the retail price of $29.95. No minimum is required. 
  • We have lifted restrictions of selling the book at the $29.95 so you can offer it at a discount to your customers if you prefer.
  • There is no minimum order (but no consignment).
  • There are 10 in a box but we can send you any amount.
  • The books are shipped through the post office.
  • If we're able to deliver and save you shipping we will let you know.
  • 30-day billing.
To download a poster featuring the new award from North American Travel Journalists Association click here.  The file is large so it will take some time to download.

What we've found is that retailers who show the book at the counter have really sold alot of books.  We hope it does well for you.

We've listed all retailers on this link.  If your store isn't listed let us know and we'll get you on right away!

We've chosen not to sell on Amazon in order to support you.