Bennington is a town of 671 in Ottawa County.
It's always nice to find good signage in a town.
But there's nothing better than getting the scoop from the guys on the bench.  And there always seems to be a place with guys on the bench, or at a table in the coffee shop.  After they look at you like you're a curiosity, you have a sentence or two to generate some interest.  It may lead to further joshing but usually, luck is with you and you can get down to some questions you really need answered.  It's always a fun challenge to win over the guys on the bench.

Bennington is fortunate to have a grocery store, Westside Ventures, which doubles as a cafe (specializing in broasted chicken) and the morning coffee stop.  Kansas Troubles Quilters is a popular retreat place
Often there are cool things that happen in a small town but you'd never know it from a windshield survey.  Bennington is home to a Kansas Figure Drawing Group as organized by Debbie Wagner.  The idea of the group is to invite a variety of Kansans to come in to be recorded through the drawings of this group.  It's pretty awesome. 

The Linger Longer is an old-fashioned soda fountain located in an old mercantile.   Sharolyn Wagner, a Dr. Pepper fan, and husband Don have done an amazing job converting the building into one of the top nostalgic experiences in the state, for locals and for visitors. 
If you want a place to relax and enjoy a small community, there's always a spot for you in Bennington.