What a lovely name.  Delia.  It's a small town in southwest Jackson County, population 169.  The town was named for Mrs. Delia Cunningham.  If I understand the history correctly, she was a shrewd woman who happened to be in the area and bought the deed to some land in 1892.  A few years later she doubled the price and sold it to her son.  In 1904 the Union Pacific Railroad bought some land from Delia's son to start the Delia townsite.
Delia, like many small towns, has few visible businesses but they do have character!  We were tickled to find these airplane parts and pieces on top of a garage.
It's easy to feel impersonal about a town when you don't have conversations and it's hard to have conversations without businesses.  Still, we saw a church, a chartered school, and this sign to remind us that there is a sense of community here.
A building that houses fire trucks lets you know that there are people willing to volunteer to take care of this important community service.
The moral of the story is to look for those signs of character and pride when you drive through small towns and realize that though it doesn't look vibrant from a drive-through, there are people who love their small town and are willing to work for the good of it.