Dighton is the county seat of Lane County.

Located a block south of main street, the 1931 courthouse has a strong and elegant look.  Simple ornamentation and forest green panels between the windows accent the straight lines, blond brick and white stone.
We were stepping on art when we entered!
 Tools and other items found in the county jail are displayed in a case in the lobby.
We were told to ask the magistrate judge, Shelley, for a tour of the courtroom.  We felt like we were imposing but she had a few spare minutes and gave us a wonderful tour.  Can you see the textile sections on the ceiling?
Early settlers made homes out of the available resource -- sod.  One stands on the grounds of the historical complex and a painting in the courtroom by Mary Bosley features also features a sod house.


 One of the original remnants in the courtroom include this lamp on the judge's desk.
 The high school has some artistic features similar to the 1928 Wichita North High School.
Lane County, from your sod house to your grain bin house, you've got a good foundation to build!
See you down the road, Marci, KE #2