Lorraine, population 138, is located in Ellsworth County.  A drive down Main Street will take you to this nice welcome area.

Just up the street from the welcome sign is a tasteful area of grasses and flowers.

We were taking pictures of the grasses when city clerk Mike Boyer came across the street to greet us.  He had seen ERV... 

Volunteer fire departments are one of the great stories of rural Kansas.  This modest fire department is vital to the Lorraine and the surrounding area. 

The sign is a memorial to Larry Suiter.

Two main businesses in town are the Lorraine State Bank and Lorraine Grain, Fuel and Stock Company located near the grain elevator.

The handsome brick First Baptist Church stands at Franklin and Wichita streets.

The abandoned school at the edge of town is a stark reminder of days gone by.

"ERV"ing in Lorraine was a pleasure.  Exploring is about appreciating a town for what it is as opposed to judging it for what it isn't.  You can bet that every small town, like Lorraine, is fighting to stay alive.

See you down the road, Marci

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Written by Marci Penner.  We're going to every town in the state to research for a guidebook.  We want to share some information with you now!  This is a project of the Kansas Sampler Foundation.