Parker, population 277, is located in Linn County.  It's the hometown of Governor Brownback.

To see a project like Heritage Park tells you that the people who still  live in or near Parker, or have connections to the town, still have plenty of affection for the town.  Nothing says "community" like a park.

It appears that families could buy a section of the sidewalk and decorate it or write on it as they wished.  It makes you smile.

The Brownback family bought a section.

As did longtime Kansas Sampler Foundation supporters, the McKnight family.

Here are more sections plus you can see the open air kitchen in the background.

Great job, Parker!

ERV blog post by Marci Penner.  The ERV trip and blog is a project of the Kansas Sampler Foundation.  The trip to every incorporated city in Kansas (626) will provide information and pictures for the next Kansas Guidebook for Explorers.