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Entertainers 2016

Entertainer List - Quick Look/Contact List

Entertainers will be available for bookings and to sell merchandise following their performance. Please stop by and visit with these talented Kansas musicians.

Abbey Lane - Wichita
Winfield High School graduates Kent Winblad and Dave Simmons started a rock band with other classmates in 1965 thru 1967. Dr. Kent and Dave revived the band with additional members in 2009 for a class reunion and have continued since. The band, Abbey Lane, specializes in Beatles songs from the early years and iconic 60's rock.

Advanced Cheer Crew All Starz - Arkansas City
Advanced Cheer Crew is based out of Arkansas City. Cheerleaders from Winfield, Ark City, Douglass, Newkirk, South Haven, Blackwell, Ponca, Cedar Vale and Tonkawa represent the program. They serve over 100 kids in the Ark City area teaching gymnastics, dance and the sport of cheerleading. They have won over 75 National Championships all over the World and have been ranked as one of the Top Small Gyms in the Midwest. Ages are from 3 to 18 years of age. They practice 365 Days a year performing all over the United States!

Alferd Packer Memorial String Band - Lawrence
The Alferd Packer Memorial String Band is five multi-instrumentalists, dressed in old time costumes, singing and playing fiddles, banjo, guitars, mandolin, hammered dulcimer, accordion, bass, and creative percussion. The band has been featured on CBS Sunday Morning with Bill Geist, and in a documentary called "Overlooked” which aired on KTKA-TV. They were the focus of articles in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and Readers’ Digest. Their music has been used in a national broadcast on NPR. Their infectious good humor and high energy leave no toe untapped.

Ann Zimmerman - Salina
With an irresistible stage presence and roots deep in the American grasslands, Ann Zimmerman sings her native prairie into universal language and works magic from songs of life on the windy plains. Her confident Kansas style has taken her across the continent with award-winning songs that tell stories and paint portraits, leaving audiences laughing, thinking, and singing.

Bryton Stoll - Marysville
Bryton Stoll is a 20-year-old singer/songwriter from the small town of Marysville.  Picking up his first guitar at the age of 11, Bryton has been playing and writing music ever since.  He released his debut album on his 17th birthday which was followed by another on the day of his graduation.  These albums helped Bryton hone his skills at writing, recording, and producing, which has led to a brand new generation of songs, showcased in "Finger on the Trigger" a work-in-progress album that currently includes five songs.  The theme for these songs?  Good times!  With a unique blend of country and rock & roll, these songs will either get you up and dancing, or have you chilling out with a beer in your hand. (Was this part from his bio or website? )

Carrie Nation & the Speakeasy – Wichita
Carrie Nation & the Speakeasy is a high energy, acoustic "brass n grass” 5-piece from Wichita. The band, whose sound has been described as "...a stagecoach in overdrive”, has brought their eclectic blend of punk, bluegrass, and dixieland to packed bars, basements, and festivals across the US since their inception in the spring of 2007.     

Czech Republicans - Winfield
The Czech Republicans are a local youth rock band. The group consists of three members ranging from 13-15 years old. Band members include Gabe Moreland (lead vocals/guitar), Grayson Moreland (drums, vocals), and Mike Steiner (bass, vocals). The trio, that consists of two brothers, attended elementary school together and have taken their love of music far beyond the classroom. The Czech Republicans offer a fresh style of rock and roll with strong songwriting laced with pop sensibility. The group has performed at the Wichita River Festival, Chautauqua Hills Blues Festival, College Hill Coffee, The Donut Whole, among other regional venues.

Jeff Davidson - Eureka 
Using songs and historical facts, Jeff Davidson leads audiences through the history of Kansas. The making of the state of Kansas had a tremendous influence on western U.S. settlement, helping to shape the economy, ideology and heroism of a young nation. Davidson has presented his unique program to a variety of audiences, mostly in Kansas.

Kelly Wertz - Fairway
Kelly Werts has performed throughout the Midwest for over 20 years, including appearances at the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield. He is known for his award-winning finger-style guitar playing as well as down-home delivery of old-time folk, country and popular songs. Kelly’s music has been heard on local and national television and in films, and he has performed with Connie Dover, The Plaid Family and many others.

Laura Dungan & Aaron Fowler - Wichita
Aaron and Laura combine their areas of musical expertise and empowerment to create a dynamic and rich musical experience in the folk tradition. Their music leads the listener to be attentive and appreciative of ones place in the world, examine matters of the heart and conscience, and lend courage to take next steps on the journey. Aaron and Laura have been performing together for more than 35 years.

Lem Sheppard - Pittsburg
Lemuel Sheppard’s blend of original folk, blues and traditional music gives audiences of all ages a concert experience they are sure to remember. His scholarship in folklore and history makes it also enlightening as well as entertaining. He first began performing as a member of the Eva Jessey Choir. Dr. Eva Jessye, is most noted as the original choral director for the folk opera "Porgy and Bess" by George Gershwin. The US Embassy in Brazil referred to Lemuel as "The perfect touring artist, talented, flexible, knowledgeable of his own culture and interested in others." The Eisteddfod International Music Festival in South Africa referred to Lemuel as "An example in international and inter-cultural relations" Lemuel is a member of the Oklahoma Blues Hall of Fame and a recipient of the Kansas Folklore Society’s Joan O’Bryant award. Lem has performed at the Kennedy Center, and also composed the sound track to the PBS documentary on the 50th anniversary of the Brown vs. The Topeka Board of Education, "Black, and White & Brown.”

Lindsborg Folkdanslag – Lindsborg
Traditional Swedish dancers from the central Kansas community of Lindsborg have traveled nationally and internationally promoting their Swedish heritage and community. They are always a crowd favorite.

Matt Miers (rhymes with beers) - Winfield
After playing with bar bands for the past 10 years, Singer/Songwriter Matt Miers breaks out for a solo performance. His original work has been described as what Ben Folds and Bob Seger's love child may have sounded like. Playing music since 15, he is an accomplished pianist and guitarist. When asked his favorite memory of a performance, he responded, "Get off the stage".  This was mostly due to being asked mid-song in front of hundreds of people, but a nice sentiment none the less.    

Native Country - Topeka/Basehor
Dennis Rogers, Topeka and Jami Amber Lynn, Basehor, present "Native Country”. They are combining their talents of music, song and dance to captivate audiences with an interpretive and interactive performance.

Rogers, a member of the Navajo tribe, has performed Native American music, songs, and danced all across Kansas since 1990. Rogers is the recipient of the 2015-2016 Native American "Educator of the Year" in Kansas. His programs are cultural, spiritual, environmental, and educational. Jami Amber Lynn has been singing and playing guitar since childhood. Her voice and singing styles are both "her own" and a flair of Patsy Cline. Playing guitar gives her musical range to accompany her vocals. Young, bright, talented, and a full time college student, Jami devotes time to song writing and family.

Road 23 –  El Dorado
Stevie Warren, along with her family, created the band "Road 23” in 2006 in the small, southwestern Kansas town of Meade. Stevie, along with her brother, Levi McGee, grew up playing all types of music with their dad, Tony McGee in their garage located on road 23, which is where their band name derives from. After Stevie left for college in 2006, she returned with boyfriend, now husband, Andrew Warren, who added a whole new, incredible dynamic to Road 23. This talented family writes songs that will inspire you and leave you wanting more, which is why they created a new and versatile acoustic band. Stevie claims this to be the avenue she has always wanted to pursue. "I’ve always loved taking incredible songs that people recognize and turning them into a raw, elegant version of who we are as a band.” She also says their acoustic band captures each individual as a musician as well as captivates listeners of all ages and generations.

Six Mile Creek -  Topeka
Kirk Drager and Jim Campbell perform as a duo called Six Mile Creek. They have a unique style on the local music scene as they play an eclectic mix of Americana Roots music. Their repertoire includes Alt-Country, Rock, and Bluegrass in addition to originals including up-tempo honky-tonk party songs and softer tales of love and loss.

The Night Watchmen -  Winfield
The Night Watchmen are a three piece power Blues Band with roots in all the classics such as Muddy Waters, Howlin Wolf, as well as Cream, Free, Johnny Winter, and Jimi Hendrix. The members all have over 30 years playing time and bring a unique touch to the rockin’ blues format. Marshalls, SWR, Ludwig amplifiers and drums matched with Les Pauls, Flying Vs, and Jazz Bass guitars ensure the tone is tight and true. The band performs covers and originals.

The Student Loans –  Winfield
Formed in 2010, The Student Loans are a quartet that features a repertoire of jazz standards and custom arrangements by composer Scott Williams. Their Sinatra-ish vocal jazz is one of the area's most popular attractions. The group features Anthony Gropper on vocals and woodwinds, Nick Hofmeister on drums, Nathan Johnson on bass, and Scott Williams on piano. The Student Loans are Listen Up! featured artists on KWCH news and special guests at the Cole Summer Music Festival at Southwestern College.

The Vogts Sisters - Erie
Often compared to as songbirds or musical angels, the Vogts Sisters touch the hearts of audiences everywhere they go. Touring throughout the year in Kansas and its surrounding states, the young musicians offer graceful performances, blending timeless music with sweet sister harmony. The sister duo released My Own Dixie, (March 2015) their first all-original album of ten songs, including award-winning songs Ballad of a Love Miscast, Guitar Man, and The Loving Kind. Old Time Noise, their debut album, released in Fall of 2012. A few of their musical influences include Alison Krauss, Emmylou Harris, and Gillian Welch. Maggie graduated college in December 2013, and Abigail is in her first year of college. They make their home in rural Erie, Kansas. Despite their young age, the girls have a highly developed sense of who they are and what they represent.

Walnut River String Band - Winfield
This band was born right here in Winfield, near the Walnut River. The group originally played only for local gatherings but within the last few years they have branched out to perform statewide. The Walnut River String Band enjoys entertaining folks with a mix of bluegrass, old time country and western and American folk. The group consists of Jerry O’Neil on autoharp, and penny whistle; Ned Graham on guitar; Andrea McNown on percussion, Gaye Young on hammer dulcimer; Dennis Young on bass; and Rex Flottman on guitar. Graham, Flottman, O’Neil, and McNown share vocal duties. This group and their music may make you laugh a little, smile a lot, and maybe cry a tear or two, but their songs will stir old memories, and with a little luck will create some new, good memories.

Wayne Long and Arthetta Faye -  Douglass
"It will intoxicate your soul. Their music is a thing of beauty.” Wayne Long and Arthetta Faye are contemporary performers with eclectic roots deep in Americana. Their melodic style is the result of a magical combination comprised of very different influences, from the guitar finger-picking of John Hurt, Merle Travis and Chet Atkins, to the high lonesome sounds of bluegrass and the innovative autoharp of Maybelle Carter. Wayne is a fluent instrumentalist on both modern flat-top and vintage resophonic guitars, and Arthetta’s autoharp and vocals provide a surprisingly effective counterpoint, for a beautiful, intoxicating, and unexpected blend of traditions. Whether they are playing traditional folk or modern country, country blues or original compositions, their music is sheer listening pleasure at its finest. What kind of music do they play? Well, anything they like! Expect to hear a musical medley of styles. You will hear traditional tunes spiced with a unique twist and they will always treat fans to their original songs.

Willis Pracht -  Garden City
Willis Pracht has been entertaining audiences for over 35 years with a blend of folk, traditional country, gospel, and original songs. He has played for a multitude of venues including opening for Bryan Bowers at the Orpheum Theater in Wichita and eight previous performances at the Kansas Sampler Festivals.


Entertainers Contact List 2016






Abbey Lane: 60's rock Beatles tribute

Dave Simmons / Kent Winblad



Advanced Cheer Crew All Starz 

Kristi Shaw 



Arkansas City 

Alferd Packer Memorial String Band

Steve Mason




Ann Zimmerman, Singer-Songwriter

Ann Zimmerman




Bryton Stoll

Bryton Stoll




Carrie Nation & the Speakeasy
Jarrod Starling

Czech Republicans

Julie Moreland




Jeff Davidson - Songs of Kansas

Jeff Davidson




Kelly Werts

Kelly Werts




Laura Dungan & Aaron Fowler

Aaron Fowler




Lem Sheppard

Lem Sheppard




Lindsborg Folkdanslag

Duane Fredrickson



Matt Miers - Singer/Songwriter
Matt Miers


Native Country

Dennis Rogers & Jami A. Lynn




Road 23

Stevie Warren



El Dorado

Six Mile Creek

Kirk Drager



The NightWatchmen

Clayton Crawford



The Student Loans

Scott Williams




The Vogts Sisters

Debbie Vogts




Walnut River String Band

Ned Graham



Wayne Long and Arthetta Faye

Wayne Long




Willis PrachtWillis Pracht


Garden City