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Registration begins November 1. Please read all criteria before registering.  Registration deadline is January 31.

NOTE! You can still register anytime after January 31 and if there is available space and you meet criteria you will be contacted shortly after your registration is received to let you know of your acceptance. After January 31, you may not be listed in the official program guide if accepted. 


Food vendors must be a resident of Kansas. Food vendors will be accepted after meeting approval from the festival host. Vendors will be notified as to their acceptance by February 10.  

  • Food concessions should feature Kansas ethnic or specialty foods.
  • When possible, food products, bottled water, and even condiments should be purchased from local Kansas producers or, at least, from locally-owned stores. For instance, the meat for steak sandwiches or brats should come from Kansas lockers; cookies served should be homemade or made in a Kansas bakery; popcorn should be Kansas-grown popcorn, etc.
  • Promoting the source of foods is appreciated. If a restaurant is a vendor they are encouraged to promote their restaurant location and hours.
  • No hamburgers, hot dogs, funnel cakes or other carnival type foods are allowed without host approval. Buffalo burgers are allowed.
  • Every item sold in a concession must be approved by the festival committee.
  • Festival observers will check vendor foods at the festival. Vendors may be asked to remove an item if it wasn't approved.
For 2015 we recommend using Art & Mary's Chips and bottled water from Longford Water.

Art & Mary's Chips  - Steve Woodward, Manhattan
(please place your order 3 weeks prior to the festival date)

Longford Water Co., 108 Main St., Longford, KS 67458
785.388.2233 or longfordwater@twinvalley.net


Selling one food item plus drinks - $225

Selling multi food items plus drink -$300

110-volt outlets @ $20 each

220-volt outlet @ $40 each

Extra one-day passes @ $4 each

Tables (6' or 8') @ $9 each

Chairs @ $2 each

Food vendors will receive enough passes for each worker, for each day of the festival. There will be a drop down box on the festival registration to indicate the total number of workers you anticipate helping you for each day of the festival. NOTE: All workers must have a pass to enter the festival on Saturday and Sunday.

No free passes will be issued after April 15 or during the festival.  If more passes are needed, they must be ordered by April 15 to receive a reduced rate.

No booth refunds will be given in case of inclement weather and refunds for booth cancellations will only be given through March 31.

Limited parking for food vendor vehicles will be available on a case by case basis. Food trailers, carts and other small supply trailers will be allowed. Food vendors will be assigned parking as close as possible to their location. All other vehicles must be parked in designated exhibitor parking areas. Two parking permits will be issued.