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Registration begins November 1. Please read all criteria before registering.  Registration deadline is January 31.
A group tent consists of tourism regions and alliances such as Southeast, South Central, Northwest, Dickinson County and so on. If you are not a member of these tourism organizations and would like to be included in the group tent please contact the Group Tent Leader.
  • Pre-formed groups (tourism regions, alliances) may request Group Tent status. All criteria described below must be followed.
  • A Group Tent may design their own layout, may mix and match Kansas travel and tourism booths with Kansas product booths.
  • Exhibitors are allowed to sell and display only one item in the group travel/tourism booths and will pay an additional $25 fee. The selling of items must be a secondary part of the display and not dominate the focus of the exhibit. If this policy is abused, exhibitors will be asked to discontinue selling any items. (An example of this criteria would be if an exhibitor wants to sell a town t-shirt then only one t-shirt can be displayed at a time. Exhibitors cannot display four different versions of the town t-shirt and multiples of any one shirt.) This policy does not apply to product vendors.
  • May have entertainers in the tent however the group tent entertainment plan must be approved by the festival organizers. The sound system will be the responsibility of the group tent. The tent will be placed in an area that does not compete with other entertainment.
  • Group tents may choose a theme.

After registration, your group tent leader will invoice you.  You will pay your group tent organization - NOT the Kansas Sampler Festival.  Booth fee and payment information will be supplied by your group tent leader.

  1. Service companies like insurance companies and health distributors
  2. Schools, churches, government and military unless some historical aspect of a building is being promoted (in that case no religious or enrollment information may be distributed).
  3. Home based businesses such as Scentsy, Premiere Jewelry, etc.
  4. Social organizations like Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions, etc. HOWEVER these groups are encouraged to be a sponsor, volunteer or have a food booth to raise funds for their group. No organizational materials may be distributed.
  5. National franchise attractions, including lodging or restaurants.
  6. Political booths and no political materials distributed.
Exhibitors should have creative informational displays that enthusiastically tell the story of their Kansas community attractions in a manner that will encourage the public to visit.

Sale items are discouraged though one item at a time can be put out, per approval of host (additional fee of $25 for this).


30'x60' and number of 10'x8' booth spaces per tent is 12 - NO MIDDLE AISLE

30'x75' and number of 10'x8' booth spaces per tent is 14 - NO MIDDLE AISLE

30'x80' and number of 10'x8' booth spaces per tent is 16 - NO MIDDLE AISLE

30'x90' and number of 10'x8' booth spaces per tent is 18 - NO MIDDLE AISLE

40'x60' and number of 10'x8' booth spaces per tent is 16 - MIDDLE AISLE   

40'x80' and number of 10'x8' booth spaces per tent is 22 - MIDDLE AISLE

40'x100' and number of 10'x8' booth spaces per tent is 28 - MIDDLE AISLE

NOTE: Other tent sizes are available upon request. 


Tables (6' or 8'): $9

Chairs: $2

Electricity $20

Add'l festival passes: $4

* Each booth registration receives 4 passes (good for two people for both days of festival) and 2 parking permits. Handicapped parking permits are available upon request.

No booth refunds will be given in the event of inclement weather and refunds for booth cancellations will only be given through March 31.
Note! Registration begins November 1, 2016 - Any registrations received between May 5 and October 31, 2016 will be deleted from the system prior to the official registration date of November 1.