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Voluncheering is the act of recognizing someone who does good things for the community, a local business, or a local organization in a meaningful but spontaneous way.

Anybody can select a person to Voluncheer. 
Here are the recommended steps.

1.  Produce some kind of homemade or personally-designed award or certificate.

2.  Put into motion a flash-mob ceremony, a spontaneous parade, or some kind of quick-and-easy ceremony customized to fit the personality of the recipient.

3.  Send a paragraph explaining why the person was honored to marci@kansassampler.org and we will place it on the voluncheer-pedia web page.  Include a picture of the recipient and/or the ceremony.

4.  Put pictures on the VoluncheeringKS Facebook page showing the recognition event and giving props to the person.

IDEA-MAKER: Who had the notion that we needed to come up with something to honor local volunteers? Susan Whitfield-Harding! 



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