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The Big Kansas Road Trip is happening May 3-6, 2018!
Check out the program guide here!
Where will the road trip take place?   
The showcase counties are Barber, Comanche and Kiowa. The event will be held over four days, May 3-6, 2018. 
The Kansas Sampler Festival has ended but the effort to educate Kansans about Kansas is not.  We've just come up with a new format centered around the notion of road trippin'!
Here's how it will work. Anyone and everyone is invited to descend on the same three counties on
May 3-6, 2018. You'll have the opportunity to eat in the cafes, shop in the stores, tour the attractions,
and drive the scenic roads. You'll get to see these communities as they are--with the red carpet rolled out. 
It'll be fun. We'll all do it together, each person at their own pace. There will be Orientation Hubs in the three county seats where you can pick up itineraries and menu's of things to see and do. Though not required, these towns will come up with some extras. Maybe you can help paint a wall mural or bring your lawn chair to the volunteer fire department and learn how that service works in a small town. We'll give the small grocery stores whopping good days of business.
It'll be a great time to explore with hundreds of other people who want to get to know Kansas.
See you on the road! Read more about it here.

Questions and other information, please email Marci Penner at marci@kansassampler.org.
Barber County contact: Pake McNally, mcnallymetal@gmail.com
Comanche County contact: Andie Dale, thedales@unitedwireless.com
Kiowa County contact: Stacy Barnes, tourism@greensburgks.org