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2016 We Kan! Awards announced...

The 24th annual We Kan! awards were announced May 7, 2016 at the Kansas Sampler...

27th Kansas Sampler Festival is ...

More than 8,200 people came to enjoy the weather-shortened version of the 27th ...

Popular Statewide Festival Comin...

The Kansas Sampler Foundation announced today that the long-time Kansas Sampler...

Kansas Explorer Club

Kansas Explorer Club

Members of the Kansas Explorer Club receive 5-6 print newsletters a year full of things to see and do that are off the beaten path.

We Kan!

We Kan!

The Big Rural Brainstorm will be held March 7 in Newton in 2016.

Kansas Sampler Festival

Kansas Sampler Festival

The 2016 Kansas Sampler Festival will be held on May 7-8 in Winfield at Island Park.

Rural Culture Elements

Rural Culture Elements

The 8 rural culture elements are: architecture, art, commerce, cuisine, customs, geography, history and people! They help you see a place with new eyes.

8 Wonders

8 Wonders

Have you seen the 8 Wonders of Kansas Guidebook? Let it guide you to all 216 Wonders!



Marci and WenDee, of the Kansas Sampler Foundation, are going to every (626) incorporated city in Kansas to research for the second edition of the Kansas Guidebook for Explorers.

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Click here to see the 8 Wonders of Kansas Art!

HOW TO USE THE RURAL CULTURE ELEMENT OF ART to see your community with new eyes:

Kansas' long tradition of art, dating back to Indian petroglyphs, can be an important source of local pride.
  1. Do you have sculptures, murals, or grassroots art?
  2. Do you have a performing center, coffeehouse, art gallery, or art museum?
  3. Is there a place where you can see an area artist at work?
  4. Is there ethnic art displayed in the community?
  5. Think about people, places, or events to find music, fine art, drama, literature, or dance in your town.
Here are some examples of how some towns have used art resources:

*Art Tours

 The Coutts Museum in El Dorado celebrated its 30th anniversary with an Art Tour. Visitors were guided to all of the galleries in town, and concluded with a reception at the Coutts. Prizes were given in drawings from entries that had been submitted at the various galleries on the tour. This tour brought hundreds of people into local galleries, many for the first time.

*Famous Local Artists

 Protection is justly proud of Stan Herd, a local boy, who went on to become a famous muralist and field crop artist.

There's a gallery downtown to display some of his work that reinforces local pride in Stan Herd.

Oskaloosa's Old Jefferson Town includes the home of Jefferson County native John Steuart Curry, most famous for his murals in the state capitol.

*Specialized Museums

 Locals shook their heads in disapproval when Samuel P. Dinsmoor was creating his concrete sculptures, but now people come from all over to see the Garden of Eden and the town of Lucas has been officially designated as the Grassroots Art Capital of Kansas. Abandoned buildings were transformed into the Grassroots Art Center.