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Registration begins November 1. Please read all criteria before registering.  Registration deadline is January 31.

* Items made just for arts-and-craft shows are not eligible.


Those who promote a Kansas product are eligible to set up a booth in a Group Tent  if the pre-formed group chooses to include products in their group display scheme and if the product exhibitor is a member of that group alliance or is approved by the group. (These are normally tourism regional groups such as Wild West Country representing southwest Kansas, Northeast Tourism Connections, etc.)

These product exhibitors must meet the same criteria as those exhibitors in the Kansas Products tent. Travel and tourism exhibitors that choose to sell one item must also meet the criteria as stated in under the Kansas Product tent criteria. 


Booth fee/size: Fee will be determined by the Group Tent for a 10 x 8 space

NOTE: An additional $25 will be charged on top of the Group Tent fee for product vendors. (example: Booth fee-$130 + product vendor fee-$25 = $155) Please contact your group tent leader for more information. To determine who the group tent leader is for your area/region please go to Group Tent Leader Info or contact WenDee LaPlant, wendee@kansassampler.org or 620.585.2374.

Tables (6' or 8'): $9

Chairs: $2

Electricity (110v): $20

Add'l festival passes: $4

* Each booth registration receives 4 passes (good for two people for both days of festival) and 2 parking permits. Handicapped parking permits are available upon request.

No booth refunds will be given in the event of inclement weather and refunds for booth cancellations will only be given through March 31.

Kansas Sampler Foundation - Phone: 620-585-2374