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Click here to go to the 8 Wonders of Kansas Cuisine.

Kansas is more than beef! From Vietnamese entrees in Garden City to Croatian in Kansas City, our cuisine is definitely diverse. What's the story of cuisine in your town?

Here are some questions to direct your search.
  1. What are the ethnic or specialty foods served in your restaurants?
  2. What kind of food is served at church suppers or other food events?
  3. Are you famous for a certain kind of food that is produced in your town?
  4. Do you have a local cafe or unique restaurant?
  5. Do you have ethnic or local traditions about certain foods, mealtimes, how you eat?

Here are some examples of how cuisine helps tell the story of a town:

 *Ethnic Cuisine

Ethnic groups settled many Kansas towns and the food still reflects those origins. You might find the food on a local cafe menu or still being sold in the grocery store.

Old-style sausage is still sold at Shaw's grocery in Wilson or Brant's Meat Market in Lucas. You'll find a Low German dish, verenike, on the menu in Mennonite towns such as Newton, Hillsboro, Inman, and Moundridge.

*Special Events

Each fall, Ulysses holds the Grant County Home Products Dinner to celebrate the bounty of the county, including milo doughnuts! The event attracts approximately 2,000 hungry people each year.

*Community Cafes

Much of small town life centers around the local cafe. Spending time in a cafe and rubbing elbows with the locals, listening to their conversations, seeing what they wear, and eating the daily specials can sometimes tell you as much about the town as the local museum!