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Section 27 - A Century on a Family Farm

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by Mil Penner.

In this collection of brief, evocative vignettes, Penner traces the influence of pioneer roots on the present generation as he chronicles the transformation of the land from untouched prairie to productive farm.

University Press of Kansas, 232 p., illustrated, cloth, 61/8 x 81/2. ISBN: 0-7006-1196-7

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As a boy, Mil rubbed shoulders with the very pioneers who tamed the prairies and he now draws on these recollections and memories to make the past come alive.

Through Penner's accounts, readers will discover a window into yesteryear through description of breaking sod and harvesting, Mennonite customs and religion, education in a one-room school, and the evolution of farm equipment from horse-drawn to engine-powered plows.

About the Author

Mil Penner has a background as a farmer, soil conservation contractor, and in irrigation development. In the mid-1980s he changed careers and produced two coffee table books with Carol Schmidt, Kansas Journeys and Prairie: The Land And Its People.

In 1990, his daughter Marci joined him and together they have produced three Kansas guidebooks. Because of their extensive travels across Kansas, Mil and Marci gained a unique perspective of what was happening in rural communities. They decided to form the Kansas Sampler Foundation to help address their concerns.

Mil and his wife, Verna Lee continue to live on the farm near Inman that has been in the Penner family since 1874.

In this journey of introspection, Penner reflects on how, when his great-grandfather first broke the sod on section 27, it altered the land profoundly. As our country moves away from its rural roots at an ever accelerating pace, Section 27 is a signpost that makes us pause and reconsider that fading heritage before it is gone forever.

8 Wonders of Kansas Guidebook

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The 8 Wonders of Kansas Guidebook by Marci Penner showcases 216 diverse places across Kansas that were featured as entries in the Kansas Sampler Foundation’s 8 Wonders of Kansas contests. 

Photographer Harland Schuster went to all 216 places in 2010 to get updated photos.  Due to the quality photographs and design, the spiral-bound book serves as a combination coffee table book and guidebook.  Each entry includes a description, directions, hours, and contacts.

The one-time 8 Wonders of Kansas contests took place from 2007-2010.  Twenty-four finalists were selected for each of the categories of Architecture, Art, Commerce, Cuisine, Customs, Geography, History, and People.  There was also an overall category.  The public voted for the top 8 in each category.  All 24 finalists appear in the guidebook.

The book also includes information about the 38 soda fountains featured in the 8 Wonders of Kansas Customs contest.


8 Wonders of Kansas Guidebook-Hardcopy

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Printed at Mennonite Press in Newton and bound by Koerperich Bookbinders of Selden, Kansas this beautiful hardbound copy of the 8 Wonders of Kansas Guidebook will last a lifetime.  It's a perfect book to grace your coffee table and makes a wonderful gift for any occasion.  It would also be a great addition to any office waiting area. 

The book cover is a deep gray embossed with silky black text over a rich copper number 8.  Inside the same copper cover page gives the book a rich look and feel.

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