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WORKSHOP: Rural Communities and the Road Trip Economy

Organized by the Kansas Sampler Foundation and co-hosted with KDWP&T

REGISTRATION. Note: No refunds after April 27. If you do not cancel your registration before this date we will consider your payment a donation.

Lodging and more information about Greensburg.

May 3, 7 p.m.   Starting with Sodas at Sunset  $20

Come early to eat at one of the Greensburg restaurants and then join us for drinks at the top of the Big Well.  The Kiowa County Historical Society Museum, right next to the soda fountain, and the Big Well will be open for touring during this time, too.

May 4, Rural communities and the road trip economy workshop

9 a.m.-3 p.m.  $30

5.4.7 Arts Center, Greensburg

What is the road trip economy?  It’s using the tourism assets of large cities and small towns to attract visitors who crave the back roads experience.  The essence of this one-day workshop is to see, learn about, observe, and discuss the environment for explorer-y attractions and the economic impact visitors can have in a small town.  Larger cities will learn how they can assist smaller communities to attract visitors; and smaller communities will learn how they can step-up and be part of the tourism industry.

The workshop will start and end in the classroom.  The remaining time will be spent participating in the road trip economy of Barber, Comanche and Kiowa counties and having first-hand experiences in rural communities.

P.S. The road trip has contest components that will result in prizes. 

TIAK Destination Specialist point information.  For those of you wanting to earn your TIAK Destination Specialist certificate, one point will be given for attending the workshop.  Additionally, a person can earn 1 point for each attraction visited and written up in a report.  There is potential  to visit more than a dozen attractions just in the three county area—but more on your way to the workshop!  

Some attractions in the three Big Kansas Road Trip counties include:

  • Gypsum Hills Scenic Byway, Barber to Comanche County
  • Land Rush Statue, Kiowa
  • Kiowa Historical Museum, Kiowa
  • Stockade Museum, Medicine Lodge
  • Carry Nation Home, Medicine Lodge
  • Sagebrush Gallery of Western Art, Medicine Lodge
  • Gyp Hills Scenic Back Road, Barber County
  • Buster’s Saloon, Sun City
  • Martina McBride Park, Sharon
  • Rugged Red Canyons Scenic Back Road, Comanche County
  • Heritage Memorial Park, Coldwater
  • Comanche County Museum, Coldwater
  • Coldwater Lake, Coldwater
  • Dave’s Pizza Oven, Coldwater
  • Chief Theater, Coldwater
  • Stan Herd Gallery, Protection
  • Polio Protection Plaque, Protection
  • Don’s Place, Protection
  • The Carousel, Wilmore
  • Stan Herd Outdoor Mural, Wilmore
  • Haviland to Belvidere Scenic Back Road, Kiowa County
  • Soldier’s Creek Cemetery, Belvidere
  • The Big Well, Greensburg
  • Soda Fountain, Greensburg
  • Kiowa County Historical Museum, Greensburg
  • 5.4.7 Arts Center, Greensburg
  • Haviland Hardware, Haviland
  • Fromme-Birney Round Barn, Mullinville
  • M.T. Liggett Metal Sculptures, Mullinville

And there are other places that may or may not qualify!