Kids under twelve, Hutchinson is made for you!

Start at Strataca.  Adventure from start to finish, underground!

Get instructions, your helmet, and then step into the elevator to take a two-minute trip down 650 feet into what was once a real salt mine.

Hop on the tram for a guided tour.  Part of the ride is called a "dark ride" because you'll be in the dark!

A mini-train also takes you around the mine on tracks used by the miners.

Between rides are interesting exhibits, displays, videos, and samples of what is stored in the Underground Vaults.

Come on, let's get outside!

At the south end of Main is the grand entrance to Carey Park.  The park is home to walking or bicycle trails, picnic tables, fishing areas, lots of ducks, the aquatic center, and a zoo.

Landscaped areas and water features fill the areas between the animal spaces at the Hutchinson Zoo.  Not too big, it's easy to get around.

Pelicans are on the pond.  It's also fun to see otter, beaver, fox, hawks, prairie dogs, turkeys, goats, deer and more.  Kids can uncover "fossils" in the sand at the Dino Dig.  A miniature train ride is available, too.

Dillon Nature Center is located just east of the K-61 and 30th Street intersection.  What a maximum kid place.  As if the indoor wildlife exhibits and outdoor trails aren't enough, a Playscape area is now available!

Look closely.  Kids can pump water (picture on the right) into a sandy area then make all the ditches, hills, and valleys they want.  A chance to get your hands in the sand!

Put some sound into the air.  Outdoor drums and a big xylophone are at your disposal!

Whether you're hot or it's time to clean up before you leave, there are streams of water to cool and clean your feet.

If you're still hot, head to Avenue A Park where greenery, flowers, water, and art make it a pleasing place.

All the equipment at the spray park provide a fun, fun way to get refreshed.

Give your day a sweet ending with a soda fountain treat from Fraese Drug, 25 N. Main.

ERV had a great time in Hutchinfun.  You will, too!

KE #2 Marci Penner