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Kansas Guidebook 2 corrections and places that have closed

P.17.    Sake 2 Me, Hays, has moved to 2306 Vine.
p. 23.  Prairie Junction, Morland, is open on occasion for prime rib.
p. 23. Oil Museum, Hill City.  They key is no longer available from the motel.  Usually open Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-12:30 p.m.  Best to call ahead, 785.421.5621.
p. 39.  The Butterfly Cafe, Goodland, has new ownership and is now known as King Air Cafe.
p. 43.  Trego County Museum correct phone number is 785.743.2964.
p. 53.  Kountry Kafe, Miltonvale, phone should be 785.427.2662.  Their Sunday buffet chicken is deep-fried, not pan-fried, but still very good!
p. 90.  Hometown Cafe, Barnes, has new hours.  They are open Monday-Saturday 7 a.m.-2 p.m.
p. 99.  Mom & I's Candy has moved from Everest to West Ridge Mall in Topeka (1801 SW Wanamaker).
p. 113.  Mass Street Soda has moved to 935 Massachusetts, Lawrence.
p. 158. Two clarifications for Paola Cemetery.  More concise directions to Alex Young's grave are to take the fourth driveway (as stated) to the southern part of the Oak Grove addition, which seems like the East addition.  At the first cedar (hopefully it stays awhile!), look two rows east and four stones in.  To find Baptiste Peoria's descendants look for names including Samuel F. Baptiste, Nancy Peoria, John Melsey, and others.
p. 159.  Miami County Wine Tour no longer uses the Jackson Hotel as a pick-up pont.  Check the web site at miamicountytrolley.com.
p. 171.  Ramblin' Rose has moved from 629 Market to 635 Market.
p. 197. Mill Creek Lodge at Volland Point correct phone number is 785.765.3300.
p. 197. European Antiques and Upholstery, Paxico has moved to 624 Commercial, Emporia.  Open Tuesday-Saturday 10 a.m.-5 p.m.  Same phone.
p. 222.  The family referred to in Popcorn Day should be Rocker, not Roecker.
p. 229.  Reyer's Country Store should be listed in Strong City, not Cottonwood Falls.
p. 231.  Otter Creek Bridge. Directions should be from Cedar Vale, not Caney.
p. 231.  Big Caney River Bridge. Directions should be from Cedar Vale, not Caney.
p. 232. Caney River Pratt Truss Bridge. Directions should be from Cedar Vale, not Caney.
p. 241. Carnegie Library.  Phone number should be 620.364.3051.
p. 261.  Kitchen Pass address in Parsons should be 1711 Main.
p. 312. The hours at the Sassy Lady in Burden have changed.  They are now open Sunday-Wednesday 7 a.m.-2 p.m.; Thursday-Friday 7-8 p.m.; and Saturday 7 a.m.-1 p.m. and 5-8 p.m.
p. 432. The church was built in 1888, instead of 1910.  The congregation quarried their own clay and fired the bricks in a kiln constructed on the town site!
p. 11.  Cheyenne Bowl and Dairy King, St. Francis, are closed.
p. 20. Gove City Yarns, Gove, has closed.
p. 35. Baxter's Bait Shop, Stockton, has closed.
p. 42. Snappin' Minnow, Cedar Bluff Lake, has closed.
p. 44.  Rhea Reed Organ Museum, Sharon Springs, has closed but has been moved to Fort Wallace, Wallace.
p. 80. Bunker Hill Cafe, Bunker Hill, has closed.
p.86.  Under "Downtown", Sweet on You has closed.
p. 92.  Palmer Store, Palmer, has closed.
p. 93.  MarCon Pies, Washington, has closed.
p. 93.  Mayberry's, Washington, has closed.
p. 93.  Under the "Downtown" entry in Washington, Smoky Hills Boots and Miss Donna's Doll House have closed.
p. 101.  Gus' Restaurant, Hiawatha, has closed.
p. 115.  Hank Charcuterie, Lawrence, has closed.
p. 135. Gardner Pharmacy Soda Fountain has closed.
p. 140. Renee Kelly's Harvest in Shawnee has closed.
p. 151. 2nd Street Cafe in Frankfort has closed.
p. 162. Aldrich Apothecary and soda fountain has closed in Council Grove.
p.194.  Farmacy Cafe in Alma has closed and El Corral has opened in its place.
p. 229. Keller Feed & Wine Co. in Cottonwood Falls is only open for special occasions.
p. 256. The elephant at No. 8 cemetery referred to in the third column has been removed.
p. 303.  The Little Walnut River Pratt Truss Bridge at Bois d'Arc is now closed to vehicular traffic.
p. 316. Kathryn's at Millington Place in Winfield has closed.
p. 316.  Jetts, Newton, has closed.
p.326. 701 Cafe, Newton, has closed.
p. 353.  Willie Burger, Haven, has closed.
p. 380.  Lodging: Henderson House Inn in Stafford has closed.
p. 385. Bravo's Italian Bistro in Wellington has closed.
p.  390. Aunt M's Pie Shoppe in Coldwater has closed.
p. 403. Cup of Jo-nes in Dodge City has closed.
p. 448.  Spencer Browne's Coffee House has closed.
Beloit, Wheat Fields Floral, 312 S. Mill.  wheatfieldsfloral.net.
Peabody, Fanny Sterling 1884, 123 N. Walnut. Facebook.
Salina, The Flower Nook, 208 E. Iron Ave.  flowernooksalina.com.

Topeka, Leaping Llamas Artisan Shop, 725 S. Kansas Ave.  leapingllamas.com.
Topeka, The Pennant, 915 S. Kansas.  thepennanttopeka.com.
Winfield, Shindigs Bar & Grill, 500 Main. shindigsbarandgrill.com.