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PowerUp Movement

Rural by Choice. There's a lot of power in those words.

Do you live in a community with only one grocery store or a place where the owners of the one gas station still come out to pump your gas?  Or maybe you live a town with no stop lights? Do you love being able to drive down a country road and see where the horizon meets the ground? Do you love that feeling of knowing everyone and everyone knowing your name?  Are you part of your community...where they'd miss you if you were gone?  Maybe you live in the country.  Rural is however you define it.

You consciously chose where to live.  It wasn't by default. It wasn't because you had no other options.  It wasn't because you failed elsewhere.  It was your choice.

Who are we?
We are a group of people ages 21-39 who are Rural by Choice.  We all come from different backgrounds, have a diverse range of jobs and interests, but one thing unites us: we are all Rural by Choice.

Our goal?
To create a network of people, like us, who are ages 21-39 who are Rural by Choice.  We call ourselves PowerUps.

How to get involved?
This is a movement.  It's organic and unlike traditional clubs or organization, it's whatever you make out of it.  There are no rules or required meetings, being Rural by Choice is a lifestyle.



EMPOWER - Create an environment that helps PowerUps live up to their potential and live their dreams in rural Kansas.

CONNECT - Connect PowerUps online and/or face to face within communities and across the state to improve social interconnectedness.

ENGAGE - Stimulate all generations with PowerUp leadership in rural communities.

SUSTAIN - Build an inclusive network of peers to give PowerUps a collective voice on important community and statewide rural issues.

ENJOY - Help create a quality of life that is desirable to PowerUps.



Positive yet Constructive - PowerUps are constructive speakers and thoughtful listeners.

Act with Purpose - PowerUps aim to be proactive and take deliberate steps to sustain the viability of rural communities.

Respect Ideals - PowerUps respect the ideals of others by remaining neutral in terms of political, religious and social views.

Appreciate History - PowerUps appreciate and respect the builders of our communities.

Local Support - PowerUps believe in supporting locally-owned businesses.

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