Kansas Sampler

2015 We Kan! Award Winners Annou...

The 23rd annual We Kan! awards were announced May 2, 2015 at the Kansas Sampler...

26th Kansas Sampler Festival in ...

Just over 12,000 people came to enjoy the 26th version of the annual Kansas Samp...

Custom-designed post festival ne...

Just over 12,000 people came to enjoy the 26th version of the annual Kansas Sam...

Kansas Explorer Club

Kansas Explorer Club

Members of the Kansas Explorer Club receive 5-6 print newsletters a year full of things to see and do that are off the beaten path.

We Kan!

We Kan!

Consider donating to or putting your community project on our crowdfunding site, wekansupport.com.

Kansas Sampler Festival

Kansas Sampler Festival

The 2016 Kansas Sampler Festival will be held on May 7-8 in Winfield at Island Park.

Rural Culture Elements

Rural Culture Elements

The 8 rural culture elements are: architecture, art, commerce, cuisine, customs, geography, history and people! They help you see a place with new eyes.

8 Wonders

8 Wonders

Have you seen the 8 Wonders of Kansas Guidebook? Let it guide you to all 216 Wonders!



Marci and WenDee, of the Kansas Sampler Foundation, are going to every (626) incorporated city in Kansas to research for the second edition of the Kansas Guidebook for Explorers.

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Kansas Sampler Web Log
Kansas Sampler Web Log
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Support the Kansas Sampler Foundation

The Kansas Sampler Foundation's mission is to preserve and sustain rural culture.

Our funding comes from memberships, earned income, book sales, and private contributions.  We are a public 501c3 non-profit.  Donations are tax deductible. 

Donations can be made by sending a check to the Kansas Sampler Foundation, 978 Arapaho Road, Inman, KS  67546 or by making a credit card donation below. 
Could you help support our research trip?
Below is approximate mileage, lodging, and food for the counties we have yet to visit. You'll also see acknowledgements to support from counties we have already visited.  Fill out payment information below and then in the comment box just state which county trip you'd like to help support at any amount and we'll put your name beside that county.  If you want to remain anonymous just say so in the comment box.  In either case, thank you!
Thanks to major contributions from Midway Motors, McPherson and to the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism.
ANY COUNTY:  Ragnar Thorisson, Seattle, WA
ANDERSON, 390 miles; $140 meals; $300 lodging
Thanks for the meal, Paolucci's!
BARBER, 320 miles; $120 meals; $180 lodging
BOURBON, 470 miles, $150 meals; $240 lodging
El Dorado CVB, thanks for lunch at Dilly Dally.

CHASE, 250 miles; $120 meals; $180 lodging

CHAUTAUQUA, 390 miles; $120 meals; $180 lodging

CHEROKEE, 510 miles; $180 meals; $300 lodging
Thanks for "watering" us, Wava and Kim at Longford Water.

CLOUD, 310 miles; $180 meals; $240 lodging

COFFEY, 350 miles; $180 meals; $240 lodging

COWLEY, 290 miles; $180 meals; $240 lodging

CRAWFORD, 390 miles; $180 meals; $330 lodging

Thanks for paying for our lodging at Herington Inn & Suites, Dick & Norma Mosier.  Thanks, Tim and Deb Sanders, for letting us stay at the Windmill Inn.

Thanks for the falafels, Aladdin's.  Thanks for the appetizers and dessert, Limestone Pizza.  Thanks for the lodging Anne and Rich Bailey. 
ELK, 360 miles; $100 meals; $100 lodging

FINNEY, 470 miles; $180 meals; $330 lodging

Thanks for the meal at Milford Tropics, Rick Dykstra.
GRAY, 370 miles; $110 meals; $100 lodging

Thanks for the meal at Elliot's Gastro Pub, Christy Hopkins.

GREENWOOD, 310 miles; $100 meals; $200 lodging

Thanks for the lodging Trail City Bed and Breakfast

HARVEY, 170 miles; $120 meals; no lodging

JOHNSON, 500 miles; $180 meals; $400 lodging

LABETTE, 430 miles; $110 meals; $190 lodging

LYON, 290 miles; $180 meals; $330 lodging

Thanks to Susan Marshall for the meal at the Coneburg, Peabody and to Gypsy Antiques, Peabody for a few informative items.
MIAMI, 510 miles; $180 meals; $300 lodging
MITCHELL, 290 miles; $145 meals; $240 lodging
Jerry K., thanks for lunch at the Dinner Bell in Wetmore. 
Elmer Ronnebaum, thanks for supper money at Willow's.

NEOSHO, 270 miles; $110 meals; $200 lodging

OSAGE, 330 miles; $180 meals; $180 lodging
OSBORNE, 350 miles; $150 meals; $150 lodging
Thanks for helping with Osborne County Judy & Ronnie Dayhoff

PHILLIPS, 510 miles; $150 meals; $200 lodging
POTTAWATOMIE, 370 miles; $180 meals; $300 lodging

RILEY, 320 miles; $180 meals; $350 lodging
Thanks for help with Riley County Rich Williams.
Thanks to Dave & Sandy Procter for treating us at Bourbon and Baker.

ROOKS, 430 miles; $130 meals; $240 lodging

SALINE, 220 miles; $180 meals; $150 lodging

SEDGWICK, 220 miles; $200 meals; $330 lodging

Thanks for the lodging, Lidia Hook-Gray.  Thanks to the the Liberal Convention & Visitors Bureau for mileage.  Thanks to the Heritage Real Estate Group for meals and more.
Thanks for the meal, Midway Cafe in Selden
Thanks for the scone, Oscar's in Hoxie

Thanks for the lodging and great meal and fun, Visit Goodland

SMITH, 380 miles; $120 meals; $250 lodging
SUMNER, 250 miles; $180 meals; $300 lodging

Thanks for the lodging, Colby Convention & Visitors Bureau

WABAUNSEE, 330 miles; $120 meals; $240 lodging

WILSON, 350 miles; $120 meals; $200 lodging

Thanks for the the lodging and expenses help, Visit Kansas City, KS!

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