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Mark your calendars now and plan to attend the We Kan! Conference,

March 15, 2017 in Newton at the Meridian Center



The Resource for Grassroots Efforts

The We Kan! network is a support group and information flow among rural communities. The We Kan! side of the Kansas Sampler Foundation supports rural communities to be the best they can be at being themselves.
We Kan! projects of the Kansas Sampler Foundation support Kansas communities through the following projects:
CROWD FUNDING SITE:  .  With the help of Reflective Group, this crowdfunding site will focus on bringing community projects to fruition through donations or volunteer help. 

WE KAN! TIDBITS E-BLASTS: The online e-blast is designed to share grassroots efforts, ideas, contacts, resources, and attitudes to help strengthen rural Kansas, especially in the areas of explorer tourism and community development.  Sign up on our home page.

POWER UP MOVEMENT:  This organic movement to connect and engage 21-39 year olds who are rural by choice is designed to help this age group thrive as well as to sustain rural communities.  PowerOns (40+) are a big part of the equation and are needed to encourage and empower.  Go to ruralbychoice.com.
RURAL KANSAS: Come & Get It:  To collectively promote rural Kansas, a website called getruralkansas.org has been created.  Rural communities that take a class are eligible to be part of this effort to share the best of rural with the world. 

EVENTS CALENDAR:  Rural communities, especially those without a website, may use this calendar to promote their events.
BIG RURAL BRAINSTORM:  No keynote speakers, no formal agenda.  Just 200 people sharing ideas on how to move rural Kansas forward.  The event is held on even number years in the early months of the year.

WE KAN! CONFERENCE: The conference is planned to be especially relevant for rural communities. The majority of speakers are from rural communities and they present successful efforts.  The next conference will be in March 15, 2017 in Newton at the Meridian Center.

WE KAN! AWARDS: Ten recipients are awarded each year for excellent efforts to preserve and sustain rural culture.

8 WONDERS OF KANSAS help the public know what there is to see and do in Kansas communities.  The Kansas Guidebook for Explorers came out in 2005 and is now out of print.  In 2012, we will start going to every incorporated city in Kansas again to research for the next edition.